According to art. 13 of Law no. 318/2015 on the setting up, organization and activity of the National Agency for the Management of Seized Assets and on amending and supplementing other legal documents, the Council has the following attributions:

  1. Analyzes the Agency’s briefings and reports presented by the General Director regarding its activity, quarterly or whenever the Council requires them;
  2. Approves the Agency’s annual activity report, presented by the General Director;
  3. Approves the Agency’s operational strategy, presented by the General Director at the beginning of each year;
  4. Approves the Agency’s working methodology regarding the evaluation and selling of seized assets according to Art. 2521 – 2524 of Law no. 135/2010, as well as those made by the present law, which is proposed by the General Director.
  5. Approves proposals for the public policies of the Agency in the field of criminal asset recovery.
  6. Analyses the annual independent external audit report referred to in art. 11 of Law no. 318/2015;
  7. Identifies, based on the reports referred to in subparagraph a), b) and f) the problems occurred in the Agency’s activity and makes recommendations to the Agency’s management in order to improve its activity regarding assets recovery, assets management and any other recommendations.