ANABI will have an integrated electronic system of criminal assets

The National Agency for the Management of Seized Assets will have an integrated electronic system of criminal assets worth about 850,000 Swiss francs.

The Ministry of Justice and the Embassy of the Swiss Confederation in Romania have launched on Friday, the 4th of November 2016, the project "Support for achieving the National Anticorruption Strategy objectives by increasing the efficiency of the asset recovery and management".

The event was attended by the Mr. Adrian BABOI-STROE, State Secretary at the Ministry of Justice, His Excellency Mr. Urs Herren, the Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation in Romania, Mr. Cornel - Virgil CĂLINESCU, General Director of National Agency for the Management of Seized Assets (ANABI), as well as the experts appointed by the project partner, the Basel Institute on Governance, Mrs. Claire DAAMS and Mr. Pedro GOMEZ PEREIRA.

The project’s objective is the creation, within the National Agency for the Management of Seized Assets, of the national integrated electronic system of criminal assets, which is a centralized database empowering the institutions with attributions in the field of criminal assets, by including information on the assets in respect of which measures were ordered by the prosecution, courts and enforcement bodies.

During his intervention, the State Secretary Adrian BABOI-STROE stated: „We successfully brought to term the second objective assumed by the Prime Minister of Romania in the current government program, namely the operationalization of ANABI. This objective is directly correlated with the National Anticorruption Strategy in the fight against corruption. The Agency will be fully operational by the end of this year, and its’ role is crucial in the recovery of criminal assets and thus to the return of these money to the state budget. I thank our Swiss partners for the granted support to the development of the operational capacity of ANABI. "

Further, His Excellency Urs HERREN, the Ambassador of the Swiss Confederation in Romania stated:

"For a long time, The Swiss Confederation supports the successful cooperation programs in Romania, especially in the field of justice and security. In this case we have the privilege to support a partnership between a Swiss institution with extensive experience in this field and the newly created ANABI. Personally, I am glad that I can say that Romania continues to be a serious, secure and reliable partner”.

The event, which was held at the Ministry of Justice headquarter in the presence of mass media representatives and relevant institutions to the project, reviewed the objectives and importance of this project, deliverables and role of Swiss partners.

The project is funded by the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation program to reduce economic and social disparities within the enlarged Europe Union and it is implemented in partnership with the basel institute on Governance.

The total budget of the project is 866.021,10 CHF, out of which 736.117,94 CHF (85%) represents contribution from the Swiss Government and 129.909,16 (15%) represents co-financing of the Romanian Ministry of Justice.


The main activities to be developed within the project are the following:

1.         Elaboration of a report comprising different models of IT tools on asset recovery and management and their functionalities and modules;

2.         Organizing a seminar in order to present the report and discuss it with the Romanian stakeholders;

3.         Developing the national integrated electronic system of criminal assets

4.         Training of the target group representatives who will use the information system integrated national filing claims proceeds of crime;

5.         Procurement of hardware;

6.         Organization of the final conference of the project.